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Rick Norris Music
Official website of Rick Norris: Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Producer and Author

Note: Having now lost nearly two generations to the "LOW FI" hell of tiny 1/2 inch phone and computer speakers, please use headphones or a pumped stereo system. in order to apprecate the actual production.

Hello and Welcome!

For starters and for those who are not yet familiar with Rick's music, before you get to some of  his albums, below is a series of Singles to give you a taste of Rick Norris as a Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer and Recording Artist in general.



Check Out Some Of Rick's Singles:

                         Watch Your Volume, this one comes out swingin' baby!

The Man Upstairs Rick Norris
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Here's another single UNDER THE OVERPASS (Unplugged rendition) to give you a taste of The Mr. Bluesy Vox Album (Scroll to just below the Strings And Things album) recorded for the "Triple Threat" time on the road with Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner and Ted Nugent's lead singer Derrick St. Holmes.
Track NameRick Norris
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In the  tradition of Jimmy Hendrix's All Along The Watchtower and Stevie Ray Vaughan's The Sky Is Cryin' , Here, Rick brings forth a perfect synthesis of Blues and Rock with that same kind of epic etherial atmosphere and lyric.

Last Call - Rick Norris
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When most people think of Blues performed from a Grand Piano, they think of Ray Charles. Here you can hear those very early influences on Rick

I'm In It ForYou

Rick Norris

I'm In It For You - Rick Norris
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Anyone who has heard Rick's Strings And Things... Modern Gospel Album knows he likes diversity as a songwriter. This single, as part of Rick's Prophetic Blues series, shows that fact in the groove. However, in the arena of voice, here you can see that: "You can take the man away from his roots, but can not take the roots away from the man."
Abba Papa God - Rick Norris
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 Here in: Better Get Ready You can hear Rick's early Mowtown roots, right where they meet with a Rockin' Gospel Groove-  with the Sistas and all!

Better Get Ready - Rick Norris
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Well well, it's about time! Most people familiar with Rick's music know him as that "Mr. Blusey" kinda guy. However, he is also a song-writer at heart and as such, this is his most cross-genre, eclectic project ever. For years now people have wanted Rick to do another Worship Album and here it is! Special thanks to The South African Singers group- you had me doin' "Loops!"

Rick's Mr. Bluesy Vox album is a product of an invitation from his old friend- Rock Hall Of Fame's and Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner to hit the road together. Rick had to record something quickly for that "Triple Threat Tour". Ted Nugent's Lead Singer Derrick St. Holmes Joined them as well. Rick did his own material from this album along with a cameo Unplugged version of one of his most popular songs:  Under The Overpass - (which is also available as a Single above).

Below are several of the soundtracks from some of the Youtube Live Videos library. These songs are from the Prophetic Blues Project (Live and Unplugged)

The Curtains Album is and always has been one of the best liked albums that Rick has ever done. It was released back when he was doing mostly TV appearances. As usual, his songwriting was mostly written for live performances. However, this Album was produced in the tradition of the more eccentric and "Pumped" styles of artists like Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox etc.

There was a time when nearly all professional musicians stayed away from voicing their political opinions in their songs. Now it is very common. As a bit of a covert nerd-researcher and historian, here Rick throws in his two cents. This is actually the sound track of the original video at the bottom of the page here and with a Rockin' Bluesy groove as his canvas, he paints a lyrical Masterpiece. 

Like the Strings And Things... album above, the Praise Plus album is also eclectic. It too is a songsriter's album, intensionally crossing genres not only for the sake of a real Love for the art, but more importantly, for the  sake of a real Love for people of different walks of life.  The "Plus" in the title refers to the fact that it is not only a Contemporary Worship/Gospel album, it also has songs in the Prophetic Blues genre with some songs for Personal Healing as well as Bonus Cuts which are some of the favorites from other recording projects/productions and albums done with other Labels and publishers over the  years.

Music Videos


For those who also enjoy a live performance, here is a series of Unplugged Singles written in Rick's homemade genre known as "Prophetic Blues" with a half a cup of Gospel, a pinch of the esoteric, and a huge helping of Pumped up Rock and satire at the end for dessert! Bon appetit! 

You're Not Alone

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Callin' Out Your Name
Neon Trap
Inner Man
One Nation Under Fire
Where The Son Don't Shine


A Note from Rick:

Hey hey!

Well, yep, this is the “about” section, where all the shameless name dropping, coat-tail riding and self-aggrandizing career highlights and/or details are supposed to be, right? Honestly, I have a hard time with all that. Suffice it to say that over the last 50 years, by the grace of God I have done just about everything one can do in this industry at one time or another - performing everywhere from homeless missions to the White House, from national TV shows to combat zones, and just about every kind of venue in between.

However, I feel that my credentials should be evident in my songwriting, performances and recordings. I would ask you to give a listen to my body of work, preferably pumped up with full headphones or at least with quality home or car stereo speakers- (since we have lost a generation of young people to Low-Fi 1/2 inch phone or computer speakers!)- to decide the value it has for yourself. To me there are many performers out there that the music industry corporations have groomed, propped up and shoved down the public’s throat. Then later, when that band or person hits the road to promote the recordings, It immediately becomes evident that the performer is either lip-syncing or using live studio tricks like Auto-tune to try and hide the fact that the "artist" is either half-baked or not one at all.

It reminds me of the wise old black lady, who while shopping, had a casual conversation with a young and somewhat boastful aspiring “pastor”. He heard her humming “Amazing Grace” as she shopped and he blurted out that he too was a believer!  And not only that, but that he was attending the nearby seminary and was learning to be a preacher! The old woman’s wisdom made her chuckle at the statement. Surprised, he asked: “What’s funny about that?!” She simply said: “Honey, either you is, or you ain’t!”

Love Y’all!


P. S.: For media personnel and/or booking/scheduling, please use the email contact information below. As for my professional background i.e.-"Bio" info-page, though it is supposed to be part of any professional recording artist's endeavors, the whole "hype" thing has never stopped sounding self-aggrandizing, manipulative and embarrassing to me so I have removed it from the front page. Just know that by the Grace of God I have been privileged to reach millions over the years and I am still at it - (and that is a miracle many times over!)



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