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 (For Media Info: Some Stage & Screen Highlights of Rick’s Career of over 40 Years)


     As a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer and Actor, Rick- “Mr. Bluesy Vox” Norris is a veteran of stage and screen having done many hundreds of Live or prerecorded shows and guest appearances across the nation and abroad, as well as many national and local TV shows and more. 

     Over the years, Rick has performed, recorded and/or made guest appearances with or for many established recording artists, TV personalities, Statesmen/Women and of course many different types of venues and audiences.  One example is an invitation to breakfast from President Ronald Reagan along with an invitation to sing at the White House.  That performance was an intercessory song for our nation and took place in the original Indian Treaty Room. A few other examples of recording and/or performing credits are:  Rock Hall of Famer- Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad fame – (many Labels and too many hits to mention).  In this case, Rick was invited by Mark to open for him on tour doing the songs form one of Rick’s Albums: “Mr. Bluesy Vox”.  Derrick St. Holmes- (Ted Nugent’s Lead Singer) also joined Rick and Mark for that time “on the road again”, Country and Gospel Hall of Famer- Ricky Skaggs- (Live P&W at the “Convergence”, near Nashville), Pop/Rock Hall of Famer- Pat Boone- (who still holds the record for longevity of multiple #1 hits on the air and charts), Folk Hall of Famer- Paul (Noel) Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary Fame (too many hits  to mention) Janette Hawes of Hall of Famer group The Emotions, (major hits with Motown Rec.),  Gospel Hall of Fame's- The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Alice Echols- (many major label credits and one of LA & Hollywood’s go to premiere studio vocalists)  

         Another example of other guest appearances and/or featured performances at the Capital include a scheduled featured appearance at the Western Media Caucus. This engagement was also part of the aforementioned invitation by President Reagan, along with such notables as; Dr. Billy Graham, Natalie Cole – (several different hits and Labels) Rosy Greer, and many more, where Rick performed as the Featured Performer for these and many others of his peers from the entertainment industry (e.g.)- fellow recording artists, actors/actresses, as well as Senators, Congressmen and ministers of note. 

     Rick has done other appearances/performances at the Capital by invitation as well, mainly in the Gospel and CCM genres with (e.g.)- The Late Rev. Bill Bright, Senator Lawton Chiles, Harold Bradeson, and again, with and/or for various other well known statesmen and ministers on those occasions as well. 

     As a Songwriter, Rick has worked with some of the greats in the professional songwriting world. Some examples are: Kin Vassy (Many Hits, formerly of Kenny Rodgers and The First Edition, Frank Zappa and more), Lee Greenwood- (too many hits to mention) who invited Rick to write with him at his home in Tennessee, as did the aforementioned Mark Farner at his home in Michigan.  In the local Nashville area, Rick has worked either on stage or “In the Round” with other well known hit-song writers such as Michael Peterson – (#1 hits including in his own right as a Recording Artist and performer)  K. C. Kelly - (#1s- and many top hits with different stars/artists and different Labels)  Arlos Smith – (several major hits including #1s with Rascal Flat’s (e.g.)- “Mayberry”, David Flaherty – (Number One hit for Denise Williams “Wings of an eagle”, Avi Poster and his wife and many others. 

     Rick’s soulful talents have opened other doors to him as well. Another example is what Rick calls “another great privilege”, which was attendance at a private presentation of the, “This Is Your Life” Gala, celebrating Frank Wilson’s 50th Birthday- along with Stevie Wonder, Denise Wlliams, Philp Bailey, Mary Willson of (Diana Ross And The Supremes and Frank’s wife), Marilyn McCoo, Clifton Davis and many other Motown stars and notables. (Frank was also a Producer, Publisher, Songwriter and Pastor of many of the Motown Stars), 

     Other events of note include annual invitations/visitations to the Garden Valley Artist’s Retreat at Keith and Melody Green’s compound in Lindale, Texas for a week of R&R from the road, singing and fellowshipping together with other established artists in the Gospel and CCM genres (e.g.)- Steven Curtis Chapman, Steve Green, Berry McGuire, Mark Farner, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Kelly Willard, Dallas Holm, Terry Clark,, Melody Green, Greg Voltz- (Lead Singer of Petra) and many more. 

     Periodically working at the A&R end of things, Rick has also helped prepare such artists as: Brent Helming- formerly of Vineyard Music Group Records (#1 Best Seller), Peter King- formerly of the Sex Pistols (b.c.) and former MTV Host and the Late Mark McCoy also formerly with Vineyard Music Group Records (#1 Best Seller) and Mark also formerly played with the Sex Pistols (b.c.). 

     Unless doing studio work, P&W, a benefit or a tribute engagement, Rick only performs his own material and writes for other artists in different genres as well. Needles to say, he is also periodically involved as a Producer, and Session work, and has worked with some of the world’s greatest studio players ever (e.g.)- Abraham Laboriel and his son, Dean- (“The Dean of Guitars”) Parks and more.





     In the Theatrical, Music Industry and general TV appearance Arena, Rick has been on stage since he was nine years old. Some examples of the live stage acting, musicals and/or general TV appearances- including live TV, prerecorded and roll-ins are: Some of the very first Cable Stations on the West Coast in the 70s, then later (e.g.)- Mission cable 4 with Mary Ann Peluso, Jerry Barnard and specifically in main stream Southern California TV: (KUSI- Ch. 9 & 51), (KFMB- Ch. 8), (KNBC- Ch. 7 & 39), (KGTV- Ch. 10),  TV Networks, appearances on the CBN, TBN, PTL, TV Networks and many other affiliates and general cable TV Networks across the nation (e. g.)- nationally, 41 and 42. Ch. 40 in Los Angeles and it’s many affiliates, and  “Lesea Live” (Lester and Steve Sumerall) including guest appearances and/or roll-ins with such greats as Amy Grant, Tramaine Hawkins and many more. Also: a live production at Church on the Way for Pastor Jack Hayford in Los Angeles with Dean Jones- (Disney’s The Love Bug and many more) and a guest appearance at the special reception mentioned at the Senator Chiles’ Mansion at the Nation’s Capital with various actors/actresses and recording artists (e.g.)- Lisa Whelchel - (“Blair” in “Facts of Life”) and William Kafka - (the antagonist “Johnny” in “The Karate Kid” 1) as well as many other well known artists. 

    Though mostly known for his music in the Blues, Gospel and Rock genres, staying active, more recently Rick still performs, writes, records and produces in most all genres and also still does A&R, grooming artists mostly in the area of vocals, songwriting and stage performance. He also just released his newest Single (and very eclectic) Gospel/Worship album as well. He also did a couple of small acting parts in The Identical and ABC’s “Nashville” TV Series as well as several guest appearances at NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip’s Estate and continues to do various music industry engagements in the Nashville area.

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