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Books by Rick

Restoration front cover.jpg

RESTORATION: Preparing For His Fullness  is not for the faint of heart. It is filled with urgently needed prophetic information for the season that has just begun on the earth. However, the book's content and context is the "telling forth" more than the "foretelling". It is more of a "How To" book. Many prophetic voices speak of the very difficult times just ahead but give little biblical instruction on how to flourish in the trying days ahead, rather than merely survive! There is a desperate need for the practical biblical use of our spiritual "arsenal" in Christ, that was provided and delegated to us at such a fathomless cost on the Cross! Due to years of "fluff" and "ear tickling" coming from so many pulpits, many of God's people are ill-prepared and in grave danger i.e.- "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."- (Hosea 4:6). Here then, is a wonderful "field-manual" for the spiritual warfare ahead, that shows how we can avoid being deceived or exploited and instead, do the: "Great Exploits" Daniel said "Those who know their God..." would do! (Dan. 11:32b) 

When Heaven Speaks Out Loud is very well represented by the message on the back page of the book: "Like the book of Acts, this book is filled with no holds barred, unabridged accounts of supernatural experiences brought about by the Presence and gifts of The Holy Spirit. Like "Saul of Tarsus" (the apostle Paul) on his way to Damascus with murder in his heart, Rick Norris' personal conversion was also dramatically "Sovereign". He too was knocked off his "high horse", with the first two experiences on a level that simply staggers the mind! As if this was not enough, in extreme grace, mercy and long-suffering, by the acts of God, gifts of God, Fatherly Tutelage and His leading, the miraculous signs and wonders kept manifesting. Furthermore, some of these other experiences were also of biblical proportions. For most of those years, Rick has been hesitant to share these "signs and wonders". However, seeing the late hour we are in prophetically, he now shares them openly in order to: 1. Glorify The Lord Jesus Christ. 2. Edify the Body of Christ at large and 3. To reach any of those among the lost who "have ears to hear".


Other Endeavors and Speaking Engagements 

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